Frequently asked questions

In our FAQ we hope to answer all your questions regarding Pig&Hen, if you still have questions please contact us on or +1 347 759 0597.

Pre sale questions

How can I contact you?
"You can contact us at +1 347 759 0597, or through email on We should be able to email you back within 24 hours. Feel free to ask us anything!"
How do I measure my wrist size?
"To make sure you order the right size: measure your wrist with a tape measure. Make sure it is adjusted well and that you don’t have any space left. The size that you see should fall in to the small, medium or large category."
My wrist size does not fit a Small, Medium or Large. Can I order a custom size?
"Of course it is possible that your wrist is freakishly small or big. Or if it's in between sizes. Don’t worry we can make a custom size for you. Just place an order in our webshop and add a notification with you wishes. You can also email your request to:"
Do you ship world wide?
"We do ship worldwide and at this moment we still do this free of charge. All orders to the USA will be shipped with UPS or DHL. Please note that we ship from the Netherlands. There are no duty charges for orders below $ 800."
How long does it take for my order to reach me?
"An order placed before 09.00 am ECT will be shipped the same day (except on the weekends). Please note: We ship most packages with UPS, they do not deliver on weekends. Packages to the US are sent with UPS and will reach you anywhere between 2 to 7 days. You will receive an e-mail with a tracking code so you can follow the status of your delivery and you will need to sign upon delivery."
How long does my warranty last?
"Pig&Hen bracelets are made with the outmost of care. All the bracelets are handmade and handled with great attention by our production team to be able to give you the best possible quality. Therefore we provide a 24 month guarantee from the date of purchase. If for some reason there is a defect in your Pig&Hen within this period of time, we will exchange it with a new one. Please send an email with your question and order number to Our customer service team will get back to you within 24 hours to solve your problem."
Which payments do you accept?
"We accept payments through PayPal. You can pay with creditcard when you select PayPal."

I own a Pig&Hen bracelet - now what?

How do I maintain the bracelet?
"Our products are made from the strongest material and therefor have great durability. To keep you Pig&Hen looking at it’s best you don’t have to do anything special. Sun, sea water, daily showers, your bracelet doesn’t mind. Just wear it and don’t take it off. If it does get a little smelly you can wash it in the wash machine in 30 degrees. Make sure you take off the shackle as it can get a little noisy in there.."
Euhm... I lost the pin of my shackle
"The only way to be parted of your shackle pin is not being strong enough to tighten it.. Or maybe it was a drunken night? We’ll do the right thing and send you a new one, just order it here:"

Returns and exchanges

The bracelet does not fit me, what do I do?
"If for some reason your Pig&Hen doesn’t fit, not to worry. Fill in the return form and we will exchange it for the right size. Please send your bracelet back to: Salesupply Inc. c/o Pig & Hen 155 Water street, office #B3 Brooklyn, NY 11201. Add a note with your wishes for the exchange so we know what to do. Measure your wrist tightly with a tape measure and give us your exact wrist size in cm, so we can make sure you receive a perfect fit. Please keep the box and send your bracelet to us in an envelope. Don’t forget to add your address to the note otherwise we’ll have a hard time sending it back to you!"
Can I return an item to Pig&Hen?
"You can return an item to Pig&Hen, no questions asked. We will refund your money within 10 days. Please send back the complete package to: Salesupply Inc. c/o Pig & Hen 155 Water street, office #B3 Brooklyn, NY 11201. Add a note with your details and bank information so we can refund the complete amount. We recommend sending it with track & trace. Please note: Only items that haven’t been worn can be exchanged. Shipment costs for returns are not refunded. If you bought your Pig&Hen at one of our retailers, please first go back to the store and try to solve it with them."