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June 10, 2023

Sustainable bracelets made from 100% recycled rope

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Recycled plastic reborn. Embrace the beauty of sustainable fashion with our collection of bracelets made from 100% recycled rope.

At our core, we believe that sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is a way of life. As a responsible brand, we are constantly seeking innovative ways to make our handmade bracelets more sustainable. Our new recycled rope bracelet, made out of recycled plastics, is a perfect example of our commitment to sustainable fashion in an innovative way.

Our line of sustainable bracelets is made from 100% recycled rope, reducing waste and helping to prevent potential harm to marine life. It also adheres to the Global Recycling Standard, a guaranteed certificate ensuring that the recycled products are processed in a climate-friendly way.

The use of recycled plastic in the jewelry world is a groundbreaking and unique way of producing stunning, handmade bracelets. This sustainable method promotes a circular economy, whereby materials are recycled and reused in a closed-looped system, while also reducing the reliance on raw materials and conserving natural resources. At Pig & Hen, we are proud to use eco-conscious solutions for sustainable fashion.



In addition to repurposing ropes for our new sustainable line, we recently teamed up with Plastic Whale for a clean-up initiative. Inspired by our founder’s love for sailing and appreciation for Dutch maritime history, removing plastic debris and litter from the canals of Amsterdam seemed like the perfect way to give back to the community, Pig & Hen style.

The canal clean-up with Plastic Whale was a powerful reminder of the urgent need to protect our waterways and preserve them for future generations. Last year, Plastic Whale collected nearly 26,000 PET bottles and over 6,500 bags of waste. Plastic Whale hosts clean-up events worldwide and is on a mission to clear waters of plastic worldwide. We are thrilled to have joined Plastic Whale and supported them on their sustainable journey.


”Pig & Hen, sailing towards a sustainable future.”  

As we sail towards a sustainable future, we are grateful for the continued support of customers who share our vision. We are proud to have produced our line of sustainable bracelets and excited to announce that for our upcoming Fall/Winter collection in 2023, we will be releasing a brand new line of recycled rope bracelets in our classic Navy color range. Together, we can make an impact for ourselves and towards a better future.

Through our upcycling efforts and charitable clean-up initiatives, we strive to promote sustainability and raise awareness about the importance of protecting our waters. Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future by choosing our recycled rope bracelet and being a part of the change. Together, we can make a difference, one bracelet at a time.


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