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Event request

Welcome on the new Pig & Hen On Tour event request page. It’s nice you want to invite the Pig & Hen On Tour team to your event. Please read below conditions beforehand.

Event request
• There is only one Pig & Hen On Tour event per store per calendar year possible.
• The Pig & Hen On Tour event only takes place in your store. Pig & Hen is not available for events outside the store (like markets, fairs, festivals etc.).
•  The request will be planned by us (if date is possible). The event will only take place if it is confirmed by Pig & Hen.
•  Submit the application at least 2 months in advance. This way there is enough time to plan, and will there be a greater chance the event actually will take place

• To compensate the cost and effort for the travel towards the store we want to secure a minimum sale for the event. The standard per event will be a sale of 4 bracelets per hour. If the bracelets are not sold to customers this day, the remaining custom bracelets can be placed in stock for the store. For example; An event will take place from 12.00 pm until 17.00 pm. 20 bracelets will be made and 13 bracelets will be sold, 7 bracelets can be placed in stock. After the event 20 bracelets (depending on price) will be invoiced. Please note that we would like to place the order right away after the event, or sending it to us within 3 days.

Promotion & communication
• You will announce and promote the Pig & Hen On Tour event in every way possible.
• Use the professional Pig & Hen photos to promote the event. You can find them on this page
• You can order a ‘Pig & Hen On Tour’ window sticker for € 29,95 via the event page. Window sticker format: 77 x 71 cm. Color: transparent vinyl sticker with white imprint. The window sticker is for single use.

Arrange necessities
• Table with a minimum length of 1.20 meter
• Chair
• Trash bin

• Pig & Hen will bring their own selection of ropes to make the bracelets during the event.
• Just to be sure, check your own stock before the event. Make sure there is enough Pig & Hen stock available on the event day.
• If you wish to replenish your Pig & Hen stock, send an email to Send this information at the latest five working days before the event.

• Pig & Hen On Tour events won’t take place if you have outstanding invoices.
• Pig & Hen will invoice the sold bracelets and the event fee after the event.

Due to the summer holidays we will not plan any On tour events from the 1st of July until the 7th of September.

Fast delivery & Easy returns
Handmade in Amsterdam
Lasts a lifetime
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