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Handmade in Amsterdam

For anybody still thinking their Pig&Hen bracelet is made by a robot finger pressing a button – you guessed wrong. While the term “handmade” is pretty abundantly used nowadays, it is a label we are incredibly proud of. And therefore, may we introduce to you: our workshop, right next to the Pig&Hen headquarters in Amsterdam.

This is where our team is working day after day creating your Pig&Hen goods, all by hand, all with the greatest care and eye for detail.

Besides our trademark ship rope and stainless steel shackles, it’s mainly laughter, some good music and about ten pairs of skilled hands that are the main tools and materials we create our products with. It’s a group of people with very diverse backgrounds: finance students, musicians, an architect, a sportsfreak who’s also a mother of two – just to name a few.
Each with their own peculiar nickname, which we will wisely keep to ourselves.


“It’s a group of friends, that’s what working here feels like,” says production manager Maurice. “They would go through fire and water for each other. It’s an atmosphere that’s pretty unique.”