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October 5, 2023

A New Era of Bracelets

Reading time: 5 minutes

Our latest jewelry collection is a testament to the ethereal beauty of Norway, a land of freshness, cleanliness, and pristine landscapes that have captured our hearts and inspired our creative journey. From the breathtaking glaciers to the winding valleys and majestic fjords, Norway’s natural wonders have played a pivotal role in shaping the design of our new range of handmade bracelets, rings and necklaces.

A valley of inspiration

When one thinks of Norway, visions of mirrored glassy waters reflecting the pristine skies immediately come to mind. This breathtaking scenery has served as the cornerstone of our design philosophy, urging us to create more defined, clean jewelry in both cut and colour. Each piece of jewelry exudes the same sense of freshness and purity that can be found in the pristine lakes and fjords of this remarkable country.

Where water and land collide

The Catena Venetian DBL bracelet draws striking parallels with the Norwegian Valleys. Its steel boxchain structure serves as a metaphor for the rugged mountain terrain, while the marine rope gracefully intertwining through this framework mirrors the serene waters of the lakes nestled within those valleys. This unique bracelet has been handmade to endure anything that comes its way.

The Catena Twisted is a that stands as a remarkable reflection of the grandeur found in Norwegian glaciers. from our unique marine rope and chain, seamlessly twisted together, it embodies the essence of these icy wonders in a wearable masterpiece that seamlessly combines style and freshness.

The Classic Collection features simple yet elegant designs that can be worn with any outfit.

We have also carefully chosen the perfect color palette for our Fall / Winter handmade jewelry collection to match the tones that were inspired by Norway. Ocean Blue and Velvet Red are two new colors that particularly stand out.

A Glimpse of Glacial Waters

Our brand new Ocean Blue bracelet shade is directly inspired by the crystal-clear blue of Norway’s glacial waters. As seen in our Captain Carl bracelet range and Bold Bob bracelet range, this color is sure to add that clear ocean freshness to any outfit.

Echoes of Twilight

The Velvet Red bracelet shade draws inspiration from the velvety sunsets that grace the Norwegian landscape, casting a warm glow on the water’s surface at night. Featured in our Little Lewis 4mm bracelet range and in our extremely popular Navarch 6mm bracelet range, Velvet Red adds depth and sophistication to any outfit.

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