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June 5, 2023

The Atelier of Pig & Hen

Reading time: 7 minutes

Experience the essence of handmade bracelets in Amsterdam at Pig & Hen. Discover our curated collection crafted with passion and explore the perfect accessory that reflects your unique style. Welcome to our world of timeless craftsmanship.

Just across the river from the spectacular Centraal Station, in the north of Amsterdam, lies our atelier: a bustling workshop where over a dozen highly skilled hands work together to bring intricate bracelet designs to life. Like Santa’s elves, our colleagues at the atelier work meticulously to turn Pig & Hen designs into reality. The journey of Pig & Hen’s bracelets begins right here, at our atelier.

Having worked in the maritime industry, our founder Dominic Bakker saw the opportunity to create unique handmade bracelets using industrial ship rope joined together with stainless steel shackles—a sustainable solution for men’s jewelry. Thanks to the huge success of Pig & Hen in the men’s jewelry industry, Pig & Hen released a women’s bracelet collection last year, and are continuing to grow with new bracelet designs, and more.

A family-run ship company in Portugal became the supplier for our ship rope and has remained the same factory we have used since Pig & Hen started in 2013. The ship rope is woven in Portugal and then dispatched to our atelier in large rolls. Once received, the ship rope is cut, measured, and handcrafted into Pig & Hen bracelets using original boat tools. Every step of the production process requires a significant amount of time and skill.

”Our bracelets represent the lasting results of true craftsmanship.”


Filled with lots of laughter and good music, our atelier is filled with musicians, dance students, and even a weightlifter. Most of our colleagues in the atelier focus on making two or three bracelet designs at a time to ensure that each product is made with acute attention to detail. Only one of our longest-serving bracelet connoisseurs, Winston, has learned how to make every single bracelet off by heart, and he has been here for nearly six years.



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